Long Tanzania Safaris; 7+ Days Best Long Tour Packages 2024

Our all-inclusive Long Tanzania Safaris runs for over 6 days exploring different national parks and experiencing the best that Tanzania safaris have to offer.

Do you know “How long do you need for a safari in Tanzania?” Well, discover what makes Tanzania one of the leading wildlife safari destinations in Africa only on any of our uniquely crafted Long Tanzania Safaris. Our Tanzania safari packages offer a lifetime opportunity for nature lovers to explore and experience Africa’s most evocative tourist sites.

Long Tanzania Safaris

Is it wildlife, authentic African cultural experiences, beach/honeymoon holiday or mountaineering adventures etc that you are interested in? Our long Tanzania safaris still have you sorted. You can choose from our wisely crafted 7 days, 8 days, 9 days, 10 days, 14 days to 21 days Tanzania safari or more and have the best of Tanzania.

Our Tanzania safaris introduce you to East Africa’s top notch safari destinations including Zanzibar, Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Kilimanjaro Mountain, Dar-es-salaam, Lake Tanganyika, Rift Valley and more.

Long Tanzania Safaris packages also allow you to interact closely with local residents as you have in-depth learning about Africa’s unique cultures, traditions, practices accompanied by great entertainment- dances, music performance etc.

The Best Long Tanzania Safaris:

The Great Migration

The great migration is without doubt the main highlight of every long Tanzania safaris holiday. Wildebeest migration in Tanzania is the world’s biggest single movement of wildlife usually experienced once a year. Observe over 2 million wildebeests accompanied by thousands of gazelles, elands, zebras as they move in search for pasture and drinking water.

During the great migration, wildebeests and other grazers are trailed by predators hence a great opportunity to view most of them. Tanzania’s wildebeest migration is experienced while you are on your long Tanzania safaris in Serengeti National Park, a home to endless plains.

The wildebeest trek through the South-Central Seronera outskirts into the Western Corridor and Grumeti River. They arrive around April, May and reside up to June then they begin their trek to the Masai Mara National Reserve crossing via the Mara River. July/August, the wildebeests begin returning.

When returning, they head to Lobo and Loliondo in Eastern part of Tanzania and this is usually in October, November. December to March is calving period and they settle at Southern Ndutu.

The annual rains and renewal of pasture early or late are some key factors that guide nature lovers in timing the migration. But, it is a great experience worth every effort, penny and time.

Best Wildebeest Migration Experience Tour Package: 7 Day Tanzania Kenya Safari.

The African wildlife migration

Serengeti National Park

A home to the Great Migration, Serengeti National Park is amazingly one of the world’s premier destinations. Established in 1952, Serengeti is located in the Northern Safari Circuit of Tanzania which spreads to cover the Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire National Park and Lake Manyara National Park.

Serengeti National Park is positioned right in the North-eastern side of Arusha just close to the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. From Arusha to Serengeti, it is about 7 hours’ drive or you can cut the long hours short by taking a flight to any of its nearby airstrips located across all its major areas/sectors- the Southern, Northern, Central and Western sectors.

Occupying over 14763sq.kms of land area, Serengeti National Park boasts of its huge profusion of wildlife. Other than wildebeests, Serengeti is an ultimate big five game safari destination. Visit Tanzania to explore large herds of elephants, buffaloes, rhinos, leopards, lions, plus cheetahs, zebras, hyenas, greater kudus, warthogs, dik-dik, bush bucks, elands, giraffes, oryx, baboons.

Over 500 bird species including endemic birds make Serengeti National Park a great birding destination. Explore the 5 special birds of Serengeti while on your long Tanzania holidays that is the grey breasted spur fowl often spotted at Seronera, rufous tailed weaver, Fischer’s lovebird, grey crested helmet shrike, Usambiro barbet.

Other amazing birds of Serengeti N/Park include secretary birds, yellow throated sandgrouse, red capped robin chat, kori bustard, verreaux’s eagle. Long Tanzania holidays in Serengeti are enjoyable while on guided safari game drives, birding, wildebeest migration safaris, nature walks, cultural safaris, hot air balloon safaris and more.

Best Serengeti Safari Tour: 7 Days Tanzania Safari.

Ngorongoro Crater

Explore more about the world’s natural wonder- the Ngorongoro Crater located west of Lake Manyara. This is one of the splendid spots worth visiting for photography and game viewing experiences.

Enjoy view of lions, bush elephants, leopards, buffaloes, rhinos and the breathtaking Ngorongoro Crater while on Long Tanzania Safaris in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site and also an International Biosphere Reserve.

Ngorongoro Crater is interestingly the largest intact volcanic caldera in the world where beauty teams with wildlife. For great big five game safaris, breathtaking landscape, no better place to visit than Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Ideal Long Tanzania Safari to Ngorongoro: 8 Day Tanzania Safari.

Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara National Park a home to the rare tree climbing lions and diverse birds, lies within the Northern tourist circuit of Tanzania. From Arusha town, Lake Manyara is about 126kms’ drive that is 2-3 hours’ drive away.

Lake Manyara National Park was created in 1960 and covers about 330sq.kms of land area making it one of Tanzania’s smallest parks. The park is a stronghold to iconic tourist attractions such as Lake Manyara a home to countless flamingos; giraffes, zebras, 4 of the big 5 game members with exception of only rhinos.

Other attractions include over 400 bird species, hot springs, the great rift valley escarpment and more. The key activities to enjoy on long Tanzania safaris in Lake Manyara National Park include game drive, birding, treetop walk, boat rides, hot springs tour etc.

Zanzibar Island

When it comes to weekend gateways, beach holidays, honeymoon experiences, no better place is worth visiting Zanzibar. Experience the magical white sand beaches at the coast only on Zanzibar holidays.

Located along the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar is part of Tanzania and it is famous as Spice Island. It is one of the coastal islands known for its unique history, cultures, beautiful white sand beaches with lineup of luxurious accommodation facilities.

While on long Tanzania safaris in Zanzibar Island, the main areas of interest include visiting Stone Town, Menai Bay Conservation Area, beaches, Spice tour, snorkeling, scuba diving and others.

Other places to visit on long Tanzania tours include Kilimanjaro National Park to explore Mt. Kilimanjaro; Selous Game Reserve, Olduvai gorge, Gombe National Park, Mahale Mountains National Park, Tarangire National Park, Ruaha National Park, Mikumi,

Ideal Long Tanzania Holiday to Zamzibar: 10 Days Best of Tanzania.

4 Days Zanzibar Beach Escape

Best time to go for Long Tanzania Holidays:

Long Tanzania safaris can be done at any time of the year. But, the best period to get there is from January, February, December, June, July, August, September to October- the dry months of the year.

These are the best months of the year to visit Tanzania for big five game safaris or wildebeest safaris.

What to Carry on your Long Tanzania Holidays?

Here are some of the essentials to pack for normal long Tanzania safaris; long sleeved shirts, daypack, sweater, safari shoes- waterproof, insect repellent, bottled water, safari hat, trousers, sunglasses, snacks, first aid kit, rain gear and others.

Lets Plan Your Long Tanzania Safari:

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