1 Day Kampala City Tour to Best Cultural & Historical Places

1 Day Kampala City Tour in Uganda will lead you to Kampala’s allures positioned in all corners of the city.

The 1 day Kampala city tour will guide you to Entebbe Wildlife Center to have the behind the scenes experience, Owino market the busiest market with fresh food, Gadaffi mosque the largest in Uganda, Kasubi tombs the royal burial grounds for Buganda kings, Nakasero market with fresh food, Bulange the Buganda parliamentary house, then you will end with a visit at the Uganda museum a collection to Uganda’s cultural heritage.  

1 day Kampala city tour

Highlights for the 1 Day Kampala City Tour

  • Entebbe wildlife center
  • Kasubi tombs
  • Nakaseero market
  • Owino market
  • Gadaffi mosque
  • Uganda museum
  • Bulange

Detailed itinerary for the 1 day Kampala city tour

Day 1: Kampala city tour

Have an early breakfast and meet up with your guide for a tour in Kampala’s most fascinating attraction sites. You will start your day with a visit to the Entebbe wildlife center to view the various animals that are kept in this place.

You will then proceed to Gadaffi mosque the largest in east Africa located at old Kampala. You will then head on to Kasubi tombs a royal burial ground for the four kings of Buganda. Later, you will have a lunch break at the astonishing hotels of Kampala.

After lunch, head out for a visit to Bulange which hosts the Kingdom`s administration and its Parliament where the Kabaka meets members of the Buganda Lukiiko.

Set off again to east Africa’s oldest museum, the Uganda museum displaying ethnological exhibits, natural-historical and traditional life collections of Uganda’s cultural heritage.

You will end your day with a visit to Nakaseero and Owino market as you view how the local people sell their products and also view the various fresh foods that are found in the markets as you interact with the local people.

After your city tour, go back to your lodge or airport for your late flight.

End of Your 1 Day Kampala City Tour

Includes of your 1 day Kampala city tour

  • An English speaking Guide

Exclude of your 1 day Kampala city tour International flight

  • Visa fees
    Personal Insurance
    Drinks and tips

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More information about Kampala Tourist Attractions

Kasubi Tombs

This is the house were tumbled lords of Buganda Realm are Covered. These tombs of Buganda lords foundation a site embrace very nearly 30 hectares of the slope inside Kampala locale. At its staple on the peak is the earlier royal residence of the Kabakas of Buganda, worked in 1882 and changed into the imperial graveyard in 1884. Four regal tombs currently lie inside the Muzibu Azaala Mpanga, the fundamental structure, which is round and triumphed by a vault. It is a key cause of a building triumph in natural materials, dominatingly wood, cover, reed, wattle, and smudge. The spot’s primary worth untruths, be that as it may, in its deficient estimations of assurance, devotion, constancy, and uniqueness.

Bahai Temple

Bahai temple is set up 6km from Kampala Gayaza Street in enormous splendor, thoughtful in Africa. The stunning temple and its basic structure are appealing to every traveler that takes on Kampala tours. The sanctuary has seven entrances for seven strict beliefs in Uganda and all individuals are allowed to enter unexpectedly. The appealing nurseries are useful for photography and decreasing. Voyagers are additionally familiarized with the history of the Bahai, confidence that makes it fascinating. It is a residence known for dedications and rumination.

Uganda Museum

Uganda museum is located on Kira Street in Kampala city and lines a sole assortment of ethnological parades casing chasing, horticulture, war, religion, black magic, and common history, just as an incredible collection of customary instruments from everywhere throughout the mainland. The building likewise traditions the Uganda Society and their Library with a wide cluster of books on Uganda’s history and culture.

The Uganda National Mosque (Gaddafi Mosque)

The Gadaffi mosque was constructed with sustenance from Muammar Gadaffi, the Libyan president and it is the national mosque in Uganda. This is the most established and biggest mosque in Uganda situated on the old Kampala slope 2 kilometers from the downtown area. Achieved in 2006, it symphonies up to 15,000 assemblies and can hold another 1,100 in the exhibition, while the promenade will suit for another 3,500. Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Libya uniquely crafted the mosque as a blessing to Uganda, and for the appropriation of the Muslim people. The mosque swarms the home office of the Uganda Muslim incomparable gathering and strolling upstairs to the last point furnishes travelers with a wonderful perspective on Kampala and the adjoining networks from above. Voyagers are additionally educated top to bottom the Muslim conviction and culture. Both women and men dress modestly in long pants, as ladies put on long dresses with shroud to cover their heads.

Owino Market

A stopover at downtown precedes you to St. Balikudembe (Bartholomew) showcase usually known as Owino. This market is perchance the busiest in Kampala and is customarily jam-stuffed with a great deal of individuals.

Nakasero Market

Nakasero Market set inside focal Kampala is a one-stop support for nourishment stuffs particularly the privately developed kind. Individuals gather at the Nakasero market to purchase all assortments of vegetables, foods grown from the ground considerably more.

Entebbe wildlife center

Although it is not found in Kampala, The Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC) is usually included on the travel itinerary of a Kampala city tour. UWEC is situated along the shoreline in Entebbe. It was framed in 1994 as a trust to restore the disregarded Entebbe Zoo and given administration in instructing Ugandans about the advantages of monitoring the nation’s biodiversity. Today, UWEC attempts a few protection activities in Uganda including untamed life salvage and recovery; completely fledged veterinary emergency clinic administrations; and hostage rearing of jeopardized types of the zone. Going past these hands-on jobs, UWEC besides adds to logical research and is resolved to create training programs for the overall population, with specific accentuation on imparting a discussion ethic and connecting with youngsters.

Bulange Royal Building

Bulange is the senate of the Buganda realm. Governing body meetings are held each month to think the matters regarding custom, extension, and culture and it is visited by the Kabaka (king) two times every year to open and close the conferences correspondingly

About Kampala City

It is the capital and biggest city of Uganda. The city legitimate was assessed to have a populace of 1,680,800 individuals on 31st July 2019 and is separated into the five precincts of Kampala Focal Division, Kawempe Division, Makindye Division, Nakawa Division, and Rubaga Division. Kampala initially alluded to just the present-day Old Kampala hill, on whose summit Post Lugard was found, and the underlying base camp of the English colonialists in the prospective Uganda Protectorate. Before the English development and control of Stronghold Lugard, the hill was a chasing store of the Kabaka (Ruler) of Buganda and had a few types of eland, particularly the impala. Accordingly, when the English provincial specialists were apportioned this hill by the then Kabaka (king) of Buganda, they alluded to it as “The hill of the Impala”. The Baganda, in whose region this English settlement was found, at that point interpreted “hill of the Impala” as Akasozi ke’Empala. At that point abbreviated to K’empala lastly Kampala The City of Kampala covers an all-out region of 189 km2 (72.97 square miles), including 176 km2 (67.95 square miles) of land and 13 sq km (34.0 square miles) of water. Kampala is an uneven spot with its valleys loaded up with drowsy streams/swamps. The most noteworthy point in the city legitimate is the summit of Kololo hill at 1,311 m (4302 ft), situated in the focal point of the city and the absolute bottom at the shores of Lake Victoria south of the downtown area at height of 1,135 m (3,724 ft). Kampala was initially based on seven hills; however, it has extended to cover more than the first seven hills. The first seven hills are: Old Kampala hill on which Fort Lugard was found, the main seat of the English colonialists in Uganda. The second is Mengo hill which was the then Kibuga (capital) of the Buganda realm toward the beginning of English provincial standard. The third is Kibuli Hill, which is home to the Kibuli Mosque. The fourth is Namirembe Hill, which was a home to the Anglican (Wangeleza) group of the Buganda strict wars of 1888 to 1892 and the site of Namirembe Anglican House of God. The fifth is Lubaga hill that was home to the White fathers Catholic (Wafaransa) group of the previously mentioned Buganda strict wars and furthermore site of the Rubaga Catholic House of God. The 6th is Nsambya hill, site of the previous Church of St Peter’s Nsambya and dispensed to the British Catholic Mill Hill Mission during the consenting of the Uganda Arrangement (1900). • The seventh is Nakasero hill on whose summit was Stronghold Nakasero, a British army base worked subsequent to moving from Fort Lugard in Old Kampala. The hill was additionally the site of the European Medical clinic.

Other tourist attractions found in Kampala City include

Uganda Martyrs Shrine in Namugongo: It is a throttlehold for religion and Christianity in Uganda Namugongo Martyrs’ Shrine was developed in the integrity of the Uganda Saints killed by Kabaka Mwanga of Buganda somewhere in the range of 1885 and 1887 at Namugongo after their forswearing to disavow. The sacred place is the pounded were in excess of 20 Christian youth men were martyred on directions of hold influence Buganda ruler Mwanga II in 1886. A large number of the consumed men were Kabaka’s counsels St. Paul’s Namirembe cathedral is the Anglican Church set up high up on Namirembe hill with surprising perspectives on Kampala both by day and night. St. Mary’s Cathedral hitherto imperial site for Kabaka Muteesa It was collected somewhere in the range of 1914 and 1925 with the assistance of the Catholics’ inheritances from the Minister houses of worship abroad. Kibuli Mosque: It is found in suburbia of Kampala in tranquil backlogs of palm trees and a self-important white and green, it is the most well-known mosque in Uganda considered as the entre of Muslim exercises. It is the place the top Sheiks live and lies on one of Kampala’s unique 7 slopes (Kibuli) offering boundless perspectives on the capital city. Ruler Badru Kakungulu of Buganda offered the land where the mosque stands to the Muslim fraternity in Uganda. The new vault mosque at Old Kampala is a wonderful awakening site, never at any point found in Uganda! Art markets: Kampala has a lot of art markets. Stopover at an art market and buy a keepsake of Ugandan Legacy from Prints, Creation, representations, and messages. Freedom Landmark: Succeeding Uganda’s Freedom from the English in 1962, the Uganda Autonomy Landmark was set up and it is cited in the focal point of Kampala City, only resulting in the Sheraton hotel. Kabaka’s Royal Residence: The Kabaka’s royal residence is the sanctioned abode of the Ruler of Buganda Realm (Kabaka). It is sited at the peak of the Bulange Slope and had existed for periods. The directed visit to Bulange will cover the Lukiiko Lobby, the nurseries, and landmarks and the Focal Telecom Station (CBS), Zakariya Kisingiri’s home, one of the primogenial and bravura houses in Buganda situated along the Regal Mile, ‘Lukoma Nantawetwa,’ Kabaka’s indirect (intersection) on Rubaga street, Mengo and the ‘Empukku’; previous Idi’s Amin’s agony cavities cavern inside the Lubiri. The Parliament of the Republic of Uganda: The Uganda Parliament structure is arranged along Parliament Road in Focal Kampala. Visiting this must be done on the arrangement and come up with to be carefully checked by security faculty at the entryway. Craftsmanship displays: There are a lot of craftsmanship patios where you can discover delightful workmanship pieces for your fulfillment. One can visit Afriart, Makerere Craftsmanship Display, Umoja Exhibition among numerous others. Old Kampala: Old Kampala sits at the exceptional Kampala hill. It is the place the main regulatory squares were worked before the city expanded and most managerial structures were moved to a progressively focal area. Old Kampala positions out due to the selective old pilgrim and Indian style design structures. It has adjusted a little recently with progressively current tasks yet at the same time offers the best possibility to perceive what Kampala looked like at that point and now. The Ndere Center: This social Community is set up outside the downtown area in a territory known as Kisasi. It is a social legacy of all clans in Uganda through customary music, move and dramatization among others. The inside offers opportunities to figure out how to cook nearby dishes and move to neighborhood tunes. Makerere University: Makerere University is the primogenital and biggest state-funded college in Uganda. It is outstanding amongst the other 10 colleges in Africa and is Uganda’s primary community to explore. The College is neighboring the downtown area and was based on one of Kampala’s imaginative slopes – Makerere slope. The university initiated as a specialized school in 1922 and later turned out to be a piece of the new university of East Africa. Under that association, it started offering degrees from the College of London. In 1970, the university got sovereign after the university of East African raven into three principle colleges – Makerere University in Uganda, University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania and the University of Nairobi in Kenya. The university has formed protuberant Graduates including presidents like Benjamin Mkapa of Tanzania, Mwai Kibaki of Kenya and the previous leader of Uganda Milton Obote. Grounds: The Mandela National Arena (referred to locally as the Namboole arena) is the major brandishing ground in Uganda. This is the spot to go in the event that one needs to watch the top neighborhood groups like KCC, SC Estate, Express and URA in real life. The field has of late played crowd to a few huge Christian campaigns. Other significant games grounds incorporate the Lugogo fixed in arena for cricket, tennis and different spots. The Lugogo Rugby Club is a preferred haunt for the young who come to watch their ideal Rugby crews scrimmage it out among themselves

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