Kigali City; Rwanda Capital City Facts, Photos + 3 Best Tours

Explore the cleanest city in Africa, Kigali City for her rich history, vibrant culture, architecture and other exciting attractions within Rwanda capital city. Kigali City is the Capital of Rwanda, found in East and Central Africa. The City of Kigali is popular for being one of Africa’s cleanest, safest, well-maintained and green cities compared to other African Cities.

This Rwanda capital is known for its rich historical background originating from the pre and post-colonial times as well as the 1994 Rwandan Genocide that holds more water to-date.

Kigali city

This City is where you can get to experience the jaw-dropping scenery, beauty, hospitality, culture, and the totality of Rwanda’s diversity. Referred as a gateway into Rwanda and tourist hub, Kigali is a residential, educational, commercial and political city hosting presidential offices, ministries, accommodation facilities, and many others.

Extending for an area of 730 square kilometers, the City of Kigali is in the Central African Time zone (its standard time is GMT+2 meaning it is 2 hours ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time).

Kigali City is made up of beautiful rolling hills, from which the country derived the title of “land of a thousand hills”. The highest point is at 1567 meters above sea level and has a population of over 745,261 people (2019).

Facts about Kigali City

Languages commonly used in Kigali City

The commonly spoken languages in Kigali City are French, English, Kinyarwanda and sometimes Swahili.

French is, however, more frequently used than English because the former has been used for long while the latter was introduced recently as a way of integrating Rwanda into the East African Community.

Currencies used in Kigali City

Rwandan Franc is the official and main currency used in Kigali City although foreign currencies such as US Dollars, UK pounds and Euros can be accepted in some places in Kigali City especially Hotel, some restaurants.

However, there are numerous foreign exchange bureaus, ATM Machines, and Banks all over Kigali City where you can exchange your foreign currency into the local currency.

Arts, Crafts, and Cultural Expressions

In Kigali, art is a big deal! Artists show their amazing work in special places called galleries. You can visit these galleries and see beautiful things made by talented Rwandan artists. There are also cool markets where you can buy special crafts made by hand.

Kigali art galleries

You’ll find things like colorful woven baskets and pottery that show off Rwanda’s rich culture.

Transport means used in Kigali City

Kigali International Airport, the main transport hub is found in the City of Kigali Flights from different cities of the World land at this airport and it’s also a departure point for flights to other parts of Rwanda.

Rwandair is the national carrier of this small African country and operates flights to different cities in the Middle East, East Africa, Central, and South Africa as well as Europe and North America.

Transport in Kigali Capital City

Moving around in Kigali is easy! The city offers diverse transportation options. While the Kigali International Airport serves as the main entry point, visitors can rely on a well-connected network taxis, buses, and even motorbike which they call “motos.” You can also use special apps or ride bicycles to get around. Knowing about all these options helps you explore different parts of the city and discover interesting places to visit.

Popular Accommodation facilities in Kigali City

There are numerous budget, midrange, and luxury accommodation facilities/Hotels in Kigali City but the most popular and exquisite ones are the Garr Hotel, Lebanon Hotel Kigali, Kigali Marriott Hotel, Kigali Serena Hotel, 5 Swiss Hotel, Hotel des Mille Collines, Onomo Hotel, Hotel Chez Lando, Gloria Hotel, five to five hotel, Ubumwe Grande Hotel, The Court Boutique Hotel, Karisimbi Hotel, Zebra Boutique Hotel, Radisson Blu Hotel, and Convention Center and many others.

Hotel Des Mille Collines

Interesting Tourist Sites in Kigali 

Tourist sites in Kigali City range from Genocide Memorial Centers, Museums to natural features that usually take tourists’ breath away while on your Rwanda Safari holiday.

These sites include Kigali Genocide memorial center, Presidential Palace Museum, Kandt House Museum, Nyanza Genocide Memorial Center, Nyaturama Lake, Nyarugenge Hill, and many others.

Popular Hangout spots in Rwanda Capital City

Kigali nightlife is magical and the local foods are mouth-watering. The must-visit hang-out spots offering the best nightlife experience, breathtaking views, delicious foods and other interesting things in Kigali Rwanda are Pili-Pili, Nyamirambo, Brachetto, Hilltop Hotel, Hotel Chez Lando, Chillax Lounge, Cinema Multiplex, Heaven restaurant, Ivuka art gallery, legends restaurant (Kiyovu), Repub Lounge, Riders Lounge Kigali, Burrows Bar and Restaurant, Inzora rooftop Café, The Hut, Café Neo and different beaches across the City.

attractions in Kigali

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Sustainability in Kigali – Efforts for a Clean City

Kigali is famous for being really clean! The city works hard to keep it that way. They’ve got good plans to manage trash and keep the city neat. You’ll see bins for recycling, and people take care of public places.

Kigali also keeps lots of green spaces like parks, showing they care about nature in the city. It’s like having a bit of nature right in the middle of the city!