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Best 5 Gorilla Trekking Inspirations

Best 5 Gorilla Trekking Inspirations for First Timers

There are various reasons why every tourist must see the magnificent mountain gorillas. Here are of the Gorilla Trekking Inspirations for travelers who have never met the giant apes.

There is often a misapprehension between Gorilla Trekking Inspirations and motivations. Many at times people confuse motivation and inspiration.

But the difference can be streamed in an inspiration being an intrinsic factor while motivation is an extrinsic factor. When we talk about inspiration, we mean those positive things within you that push you to go in particular direction.

Our gorilla trekking inspirations might differ but there is likelihood that what one man holds as an inspiration might workout greatly to fit another man’s description of motivation. With that at the back of your mind; here are the best five gorilla trekking inspirations that most of the people have had in common.

The 5 Gorilla Trekking Inspirations you should Know

Love for Nature

Our 1st among the gorilla trekking inspirations is the fact that many gorilla trackers are nature lover and mountain gorillas are some of the few wildlife with their nature habitat still intact, untampered with.

Africa is most known for its savannah planes and malnourished children that are often pinned on every donation advert but what if I told you that there is more to Africa beyond the donation campaigns; the deep tropical jungles that harbor some of most rare wildlife species in the world.

Love for nature

Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo are the only three countries in the world where you can find the endangered mountain gorillas. However none of these is found in zoos. Rather they are found deep in the highland jungles of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo.

Even when you are not interested in encountering the mountain gorillas, the jungles inhabited by these endangered species are a gem in themselves for nature lovers. It is only a few that have taken the initiative to take hikes in these jungles beyond gorilla trekking.

To lovers of nature, encountering the mountain gorillas is merely an icing on the cake. The real experience lies behind walking through these thick jungles.

Besides encountering the great apes on a carefully planned gorilla trekking safari, these jungles offer a great opportunity to encounter a catalog of nature in a relatively non-fabricated ecosystem. These include but not limited to forest elephants, forest buffaloes, countless bird species among several other nature based encounters.

Exploration of Far Lands

Most of us often have a dream to travel to a land far away. After the invention of the aero plane, though the land remains far away, it can still be accessed in just a couple of days unlike in the 19th century where you had to sit on a boat for months. Truly the wait was worth it. Though the months travel experience is missed out, the freshness of the land far away remains.

There is a common saying that runs around Africa; “all eyes on Africa”. The green cover is being lost at the expense of human settlements. It is only in a few countries where conservation is taken serious where the tourism efforts have remarkably contributed.

With a dream to travel to a land far away lies the mystical king kong whose relatives can be interfaced with in the Bwindi jungles of Uganda, the Virunga Volcanoes of Rwanda and part of the Virunga National Park in democratic republic of Congo.

It is more rewarding to visit a land far away and encounter some of the most endangered species that can only be found in a land far away. It is so special in that your tales can never be duplicated.

We are speaking of an experience that cannot be expressed by a video. Though the images can be seen, the sounds heard and the smiles of the welcoming people but there is one thing that will remain far away; the aura of these natural places. It is for this very reason that many travel to the land so far away to encounter the mountain gorillas.

mountain gorilla face

Discover the Truth About Africa

Whenever we are growing up, there are a number of things we are told and at times consider factual until the bubble of our childhood myths is busted by new realities. Amidst the many fuzzy facts about Africa propagated by the media majorly portrayed Africa as a continent stricken by famine; sometimes you are left wondering whether there is more to Africa.

To make it worse, among the fuzzy facts is the assumption that Africa is a country but when you discover that it is continent with over 50 countries, you come to realize how little you know about this continent. Your inspiration to know more about the world will be put to flames.

Though you may not be in position to visit every country in Africa, there is always a place to begin and to many, gorilla trekking is one of the things on the bucket list.

It is not that these people grew up thinking about gorilla trekking all their lives, rather when they learnt of it, it just became a motivation that sets ablaze the inspirations held unto to for quite a long time.


At times it is not in the places we visit or the people we meet but new person that is reborn in us just by a mere change of environment. There is more to every person beyond what the media can celebrate and when it is tapped into, it is what they call self-discovery. It is coming to a place where what really inspires you can outlive any measure of success you will ever achieve.

To some people, whenever they fail to discover themselves; they start thinking of quire places where they can find a total rebirth and a new view of life. This motivation usually draws them out of their everyday places to discover something beyond their everyday environment to draw some real motivation.

This desire sometimes lands them on reviews explaining how some people have been able to discover themselves by merely sitting quietly and observing the lives of the primates; that is the mountain gorillas and the chimpanzees.

This leaves them with only one question; can I also have the same experience? Then gorilla trekking to them goes beyond encountering the mountain gorillas to a journey to self-discovery through observing nature outside the common ecosystems.

Conservation and Humanitarian Reasons

If you have never donated to any organization in Africa, probably you have seen an advert in the same line. Even without giving to the same cause, you wish to see what life is really like when you encounter this place in a disguise of a tourist. When you do not put your humanitarian gown, sometimes you find more striking reason to give or never to give after a certain order.

For that reason, people have tried out one of the most expensive ecotourism activity on the African continent (gorilla trekking) to see whether there is no disconnect between the humanitarian tales and places talked about.

Though at times gorilla trekking often ends up more rewarding, the gorilla trekking inspirations lies in their conservation and humanitarian inspiration not just wildlife and wilderness encounters of the African continent.

If you feel these gorilla trekking inspirations have inspired you, book one of our ideal gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda or Rwanda;

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