Entebbe Town – Entebbe International Airport

Entebbe is a charming town in central Uganda located in Wakiso district, found on the northern shores of Lake Victoria the largest fresh water lake in Africa, approximately 39km Southwest of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. Entebbe is a local Luganda word meaning a “seat” and it was named that because it was the place where the Baganda Chief called Mugula used to hold formal judgments on disputed matter in the 19th century on the few Rocky seats.

Planes at Entebbe International Airport
Planes at Entebbe International Airport

For every new visitor coming for Uganda safari using an airplane, Entebbe is the gateway, it’s the location of the Uganda international airport.

Approximately 60% of the town is covered with green vegetation and water, that’s why it has a tropical rainforest climate and the rest of the town is covered with markets, buildings and roads.

When it comes to tourist coming to Uganda, Entebbe is a good start, it gives a very good introduction to Uganda’s tourist attractions such as Queen Elizabeth National park. It has a number of things to do and physical features to explore. It has a number of beaches, shopping malls and local markets, wildlife conservation centers, historical sites, location for Uganda president’s state, very nice accommodations and hospitable people. Entebbe gives a clear definition of Uganda.

Places you should visit while enjoying your stay in Entebbe

Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Center (UWEC)

Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Center
UWEC Entrance

UWCE commonly known as Entebbe zoo, was created and opened in 1952 by the colonial government in Uganda as a home for rescued wild animals that were found as causalities by people. After properly attending to them through making sure that they are in a good state, they are taken back to the wild.

Locally, Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education is popularly known as Entebbe zoo because that how it used to be called before but it was later upgraded to UWCE due to the urge to educate people about the merits of wildlife conservation. Tourism at Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education zoo is now combined with learning how to conserve wildlife in Uganda.

Entebbe zoo is a perfect introduction to Uganda’s wildlife. If has a number of wild animals kept in cages such as alligators, chimpanzees, lions, leopards, snakes, white rhinos, elephants and do many others. It’s as well a good spot for bird watching because of a variety of bird species it holds such as parrots, peacocks, ranges, shoebills, etc.

While at the zoo, you can feed the wild animals from their cages. You can chose to enjoy a guided general tour,enjoy chimpanzees and monkeys close,stroll through the green vegetation as your observing different tree species or you can chose to go for the special behind scenes tours where by under the guidance of the care taker,you can go in cages, close to furious wild animals such as lions, leopards,and snakes.

Entebbe Botanical Gardens

Established in 1901, considered one of the best gardens in Uganda for scientific researches. A very good learning center for students within and outside of Uganda. It’s a good spot for plant identifications because it’s a collection of various plant species. Offers perfect relax stop over most especially after a long flight. As you stretch your legs strolling through the gardens, you get fully immersed in nature with only birds breaking the the silence.

Apart from being a collection of various species of plants, the garden is a habitat for other numerous species such as birds, black and white colobus monkeys, butterflies and other insects. It is characterized by thick tropical rain-forests. A good spot for bird watching, monkey feeding, nature walks, biking, camping, picnic lunch and so many others as you enjoy the fresh winds in a very conducive environment. Read more here.

Ziika Forest

Zika Forrest is one of the major small tropical forest found in Uganda which is highly recognized sitting on 25 hectares along Entebbe road at Kisubi, about 25km from Kampala making it easy for someone to visit it on your way to or from Kampala.

As the term Zika is a Luganda word meaning ‘over grown’, Zika is characterized with exclusive over grown bushes and very mature trees. It’s a habitat for various wild species such as monkeys, snakes, over 99 species of plants,56 of trees, crocodiles, over 60 species of mosquitoes and moths,40 species of birds, foxes, wild rabbits and cats, leopards, pythons and cobras and mosquitoes.

Zika virus was named after Zika forest. It was first discovered in rhesus monkey from this forest in 1947 after being infected by the aedes mosquito. Ever since then some people fear to visit the forest, they think the virus still leaves in the forest. Being a property of Uganda Virus Research Institute, Zika. forest is protected and restricted to scientific researches.

Ngamba Island Chimp Sanctuary

It’s dedicated to take care of orphaned…