Entebbe Town – Entebbe International Airport – Best Hotels in Entebbe

Entebbe is a charming town in central Uganda located in Wakiso district, found on the northern shores of Lake Victoria the largest fresh water lake in Africa, approximately 39 km Southwest of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. Entebbe is a local Luganda word meaning a “seat” and it was named that because it was the place where the Baganda Chief called Mugula used to hold formal judgments on disputed matter in the 19th century on the few Rocky seats.

Planes at Entebbe International Airport
Planes at Entebbe International Airport

For every new visitor coming for Uganda safari using an airplane, Entebbe is the gateway, it’s the location of the Uganda international airport.

Approximately 60% of the town is covered with green vegetation and water, that’s why it has a tropical rainforest climate and the rest of the town is covered with markets, buildings and roads.

When it comes to tourist coming to Uganda, Entebbe is a good start, it gives a very good introduction to Uganda’s tourist attractions such as Queen Elizabeth National park. It has a number of things to do and physical features to explore. It has a number of beaches, shopping malls and local markets, wildlife conservation centers, historical sites, location for Uganda president’s state, very nice accommodations and hospitable people. Entebbe gives a clear definition of Uganda.

Places you should visit while enjoying your stay in Entebbe

Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Center (UWEC)

Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Center
UWEC Entrance

UWCE commonly known as Entebbe zoo, was created and opened in 1952 by the colonial government in Uganda as a home for rescued wild animals that were found as causalities by people. After properly attending to them through making sure that they are in a good state, they are taken back to the wild.

Locally, Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education is popularly known as Entebbe zoo because that how it used to be called before but it was later upgraded to UWCE due to the urge to educate people about the merits of wildlife conservation. Tourism at Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education zoo is now combined with learning how to conserve wildlife in Uganda.

Entebbe zoo is a perfect introduction to Uganda’s wildlife. If has a number of wild animals kept in cages such as alligators, chimpanzees, lions, leopards, snakes, white rhinos, elephants and do many others. It’s as well a good spot for bird watching because of a variety of bird species it holds such as parrots, peacocks, ranges, shoebills, etc.

While at the zoo, you can feed the wild animals from their cages. You can chose to enjoy a guided general tour,enjoy chimpanzees and monkeys close,stroll through the green vegetation as your observing different tree species or you can chose to go for the special behind scenes tours where by under the guidance of the care taker,you can go in cages, close to furious wild animals such as lions, leopards,and snakes.

Entebbe Botanical Gardens

Established in 1901, considered one of the best gardens in Uganda for scientific researches. A very good learning center for students within and outside of Uganda. It’s a good spot for plant identifications because it’s a collection of various plant species. Offers perfect relax stop over most especially after a long flight. As you stretch your legs strolling through the gardens, you get fully immersed in nature with only birds breaking the the silence.

Apart from being a collection of various species of plants, the garden is a habitat for other numerous species such as birds, black and white colobus monkeys, butterflies and other insects. It is characterized by thick tropical rain-forests. A good spot for bird watching, monkey feeding, nature walks, biking, camping, picnic lunch and so many others as you enjoy the fresh winds in a very conducive environment. Read more here.

Ngamba Island Chimp Sanctuary

Established in 1998 by Uganda Wildlife Authority with a dedication of taking care of orphaned chimps that have been rescued from poachers in various parts of Uganda. It’s located approximately 25 km from Entebbe in Lake Victoria near the equator next to Koome island, covering approximately 100 acres of the tropical rain-forest.

Ngamba island is one of the best spots in Uganda to watch chimps. It holds at least 50 orphaned chimps that have been rescued from poachers.

Every morning chimps leave their facilities to come and feed in the green vegetation or in open places on foods provided by the sanctuary. This gives the visitors a clear view of them as they are feeding and playing around unlike when they are immersed in the forests. Visitors can now feed the chimps and take pics with them because they are close. Visitor viewing is accompanied by well trained tour guides that understand and have much more knowledge about these chimps.

The island is Rich in natural foods most especially fruits which is a major food for chimps making it a right place for chimps to live in. Apart from being a home for orphaned chimps, its also a habitat for other species for example birds, squirrels, butterflies and so many others which can spice up your visit while at the island.

Mabamba Swamp

The swamp is most famous for the presence of the most elusive bird called shoebill  which is most searched for by birders. The swamp is located on the northern shores of Lake Victoria, west of Entebbe, covering approximately 2424 ha with thick wetland grasses.

The swamp is a habitat for over 300 bird species living in flocks. Birding in Mabamba is good to be done on small motorized canoes because they are able to ride through a maze of trails found in swamps, in the thick grasses giving birders an opportunity to see a variety of rare bird species.

It’s advised to visit the swamp in the morning or evening when most birds hunt for food and for those who want or the shoebill, this is a great opportunity of sighting it. With the help of the site guide, you can trace different bird species on their possible locations. Some birds on the swamp are immigrants from Europe and other parts of the world. Apart from the shoebill, you can also look out for other bird species like the yellow billed duck, hammer kop, little stint, Madagascar bee eater, great cormorant and so many others.

Ziika Forest

Zika Forrest is one of the major small tropical forest found in Uganda which is highly recognized sitting on 25 hectares along Entebbe road at Kisubi, about 25km from Kampala making it easy for someone to visit it on your way to or from Kampala.

As the term Zika is a Luganda word meaning ‘over grown’, Zika is characterized with exclusive over grown bushes and very mature trees. It’s a habitat for various wild species such as monkeys, snakes, over 99 species of plants,56 of trees, crocodiles, over 60 species of mosquitoes and moths,40 species of birds, foxes, wild rabbits and cats, leopards, pythons and cobras and mosquitoes.

Zika virus was named after Zika forest. It was first discovered in rhesus monkey from this forest in 1947 after being infected by the aedes mosquito. Ever since then some people fear to visit the forest, they think the virus still leaves in the forest. Being a property of Uganda Virus Research Institute, Zika. forest is protected and restricted to scientific researches.

Top 10 Best hotel Accommodations in Entebbe, Uganda.

Protea Hotel by Mariott Entebbe

Protea Hotel by Mariott EntebbeStrategically located on the northern shores of lake Victoria. It has excellent accommodations with fully self contained rooms each fitted with an air conditioner and a Wi-Fi internet access. It has uninterrupted lake view.

Protea Hotel by Mariott offers free airport shuttle services and private parking. It has a 24hr front desk and room services. It has Alar carte menu, fresh tilapia and Nile perch are also one of the daily specials on the menu, it offers local dishes too.

It’s a good spot for sun bathing and sunset viewing on the sands of the beach and sunset cruises on the fresh water of the lake. Protea Hotel Entebbe arranges day trips to fishing Nile perch to Ssese island and to Ngamba chimp sanctuary at an additional fee. As a visitor, you can also enjoy the physical attractions close to it such as the golf course, botanical gardens, UWEC and Mabamba swamp (read more about Mabamba swamp here).

Imperial Resort Beach Hotel

It’s located on plot 2 Mpigi road, 5km from Entebbe international airport on the shores of Lake Victoria. Imperial Resort Beach Hotel Entebbe has self-contained, air-conditioned rooms with a free network service. It has a fitness center, outdoor swimming pool, kids pool, sauna, conference hall of sitting capacity 10-1000people.

The hotel offers 24hrs front desk and room services, free buffet breakfast and private parking. Airport shuttles are 24hrs available at a charge of USD 15.00 per individual one way. It has executive double rooms, deluxe double rooms, junior suites, executive suites with a lake view.

K hotels, Entebbe

It’s located on plot 32, Hill road,1km from the Entebbe international airport. Rooms are fully self contained each fitted with a Wi-Fi, air conditioner, and a balcony. It offers free parking, airport shuttles and internet access.

When it comes to meals at the hotel, there’s plenty of choices for guests to choose from. There’s also a continental breakfast which is served every morning. It has a 24 hrs front desk and room services, very friendly and well-trained staff.

It offers classic double rooms, twin rooms and suites which are all fitted with a Wi-Fi, balcony, ensuite bathroom, and air conditioner. From all these rooms, guests have a very good city view. Breakfast is inclusive in the prices charged for accommodation and guests are free to cancel their reservations in case of any changes in their program.

Imperial Golf View Hotel

It’s located on Lugard Avenue, plot 90, 6km from Entebbe international airport. Imperial Golf view Hotel Entebbe has fully self-contained well-furnished rooms, with minibars and air conditioners fitted in each room. It offers a free high-speed Wi-Fi network access, airport shuttles and private parking.

It also offers a free buffet breakfast every morning to guests. It has a well steamed sauna, outdoor pool, carnivore restaurant, BBQs, and well-organized conference hall. The hotel has clear views of Lake Victoria and play grounds of golf. It offers standard rooms, deluxe double, single and family rooms and executive suites.

Lake Victoria Country Home

It’s located on plot 33, Research Rd, Entebbe. Lake Victoria country home operates with an African trend, very beautiful accommodations with African interior designs. free WiFi and private parking, bar and lounge. It offers a 24hrs front desk and room services, Ala carte breakfast, kids play ground.

Lake Victoria Country Home offers room for meetings, introduction ceremonies, birthday parties, and camping. It’s surrounded with physical attractions within few kilometers such as Uganda reptile village, botanical gardens, UWEC, Ngamba chimp sanctuary and local markets.

Entebbe Palm Hotel

Located on circular Rd, Entebbe. The hotel has self-contained well-furnished rooms. It has a casino, bar and restaurant. It offers a free private parking,24hr Wi-Fi internet access, front desk and room services. Rooms are self contained each fitted with an air conditioner.  Entebbe Palm Hotel offers continental breakfast every morning and also has a Thai cuisine menu.

Entebbe palm hotel area is popular for cycling and it offers bike hires at an additional charge. The hotel is close to Aero Beach and waterfront beach located in a distance of not more than 1.8km and Golf court within 3km from the accommodations. It also offers massage, canoeing off-site, fishing and hiking at an extra charge.

Frontiers Hotel Entebbe

Located on plot 8, Mugwanya Rd, Entebbe. It’s at a great location not far from the airport. Frontiers hotel Entebbe has self contained, air-conditioned deluxe rooms. There’s a free Wi-Fi internet access and private parking at the premises. The hotel offers a 24hrs front desk and room services, a continental breakfast, children’s play ground, pets are also allowed. It also has a fitness, spa and wellness center.

For shopping, it’s close to Victoria mall in a distance of not more than 3km and for leisure in green vegetations,it’s only 2km from botanical gardens. It’s also close to other physical features such as UWEC and State House.

Karibu Guest House Entebbe

It’s located on plot 84, Nsamizi Rd, Entebbe. It’s approximately a 10 minute drive from the airport. It’s located on the hill side where you can get a good view of Lake Victoria and sunset. Rooms are self contained each fitted with an air conditioner and a high-speed Wi-Fi Network access. Payments charged for accommodations include a full breakfast package.

It also provides free airport shuttles and private parking if required by the guest. It offers fishing, hiking, massage, and cycling but an additional charge. Karibu staff is very hospitable and foods are highly recommended.

The Residence Hotel, Entebbe

Located on plot 73 circular road, Entebbe, 2 km from the airport. Rooms are well self contained each fixed with an air conditioner, and a free Wi-Fi internet access. It offers free private parking and airport shuttles to guests. It offers car hire services, massage and fitness center at an extra charge.

It also has facilities for disabled guests, smoking area, bridal suites and sound proofed rooms. It has full time front desk and room services, a welcoming corporative staff. At residence hotel, they encourage the guest to book in advance so that a room can be preserved for them.

Boutique Hotel

It’s located on plot 5, Edna Rd, Entebbe. It has self contained rooms each equipped with an air conditioner, a desk, flat screen and a free Wi-Fi internet access. The accommodation is accompanied with a free private parking, an outdoor swimming pool, a shared lounge, a restaurant and a fitness center.

It offers free airport shuttles. It serves an alarm carte menu. Waterfront beach and imperial botanical beach are in a distance of not more than 2 km from the hotel premises. It also offers massage, spa and wellness center but at an additional charge.

It offers 24-hr front desk and room services, friendly staff with exceptional services. All rooms are fitted with a balcony, an air conditioner, gardens and pool view, and a free Wi-Fi.

 Note: Entebbe town is vital when it comes to Uganda tours as most of the Africa Safaris in the “Pearl of Africa” starts and ends in this historical location.